Brittany Elizabeth <3 (britniie) wrote,
Brittany Elizabeth <3

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add me please
Hey Britt!
Add me Please
Luv ya /// Miss Ya!. <3
Added, of course.

Love & miss you, Brit!
Hey Britt!
I added you, add me back?
Love ya
Gotcha' added! ♥
Added you sweetheart ♥
Added you back! ♥
add me please =)
Added. ♥
your icon is darlin'

add me please.
Thank you!

Added. :)
I added you! Add me back!

Love you!
I added you back. :)

Love you, too, Brooke!

Its Kimberly!

add me*

Hey gal!
Of course I'll add ya! :)


11 years ago

Hey, I wanted to add you at gj but you told me to add you here. So is that cool, I added you? Hope ya add me back! :]
Sure thing!
I'll add you right now.

add me ;)
Added. ♥


11 years ago


11 years ago

Come and check out the newest rating community, fuckingharsh. We would love for you to come and apply.
i added you
add me back ;]
Will do.

Love ya, Keebler Cookie!
I added you.
Add me back! ♥
Added. :)

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you probably dont remember me ; but my old user name was babycakez1788 ; add me if you want ;D <33333

exoh ERiCA

I remember you. :)

I added ya...add me back.
Brittany baby!! I love you, add me please??
I love you, too!
Added, of course. ♥
Hey beautiful*

Add me!

♥ you!
Hey gal!* Add me on this journal too!* Also

Was just wondering if you were going to try and come to the baby shower* even if you can't make it to that we are trying to have an after party* If you can make it to either one just let me know because I would love to see ya there* Give me a shout back on here, through my email address or call me!* 708-5049 ttyl*

I'ma addcha! You can add me back if ya want!
add me Kent* I'ma add u!
add me please! =)
add me! its heather! ~perkie
Add me if you ever get the chance! LOL Anyway , I wanted to ask you .. How far do you live away from Virginia Beach?!